October Mobile Pantry Update

Oct/25 By

341 families were served last Friday at the produce drop! We had 35 volunteers.  Volunteers included members and neighbors from Friendship Baptist Church, Baltimore Station, University of Baltimore and Baltimore

MD Food Bank Blog: BJ’s Charitable Foundation Helps Build Partner Capacity

May/15 By

Originally published by The Feed, Maryland Food Bank News-Blog, on April 20, 2016 Pamela Caple wasn’t surprised by the line of 240 families wrapped around the parking lot of Friendship Baptist Church

Produce Drop Updates

Feb/18 By

Exec. Director Pamela Caple reports on our February 2016 Produce Drop   “Last Friday, our Mobile Produce Drop went well despite the cold temperatures. We brought most of the food

Moving Mountains

Feb/11 By

Faced with a major challenge regarding Food Distribution costs, our community of love prevails. The people gather early in the morning. Among the collected are seniors, the working poor, children